Why insulate
Envirowool insulation

Why insulate?

Simply put, insulation provides a barrier by reducing the transfer of heat. When it comes to uninsulated or poorly-insulated homes and buildings, most of the heat disappears through the ceiling – Envirowool® alone can stem up to 40% of a home’s heat loss, producing a difference you’ll actually feel:
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Envirowool® is all natural, and provides incredible warmth, bringing not only healthier homes and buildings, but healthier occupants. It’s also ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers because it’s pure, non-allergenic New Zealand wool. As an added bonus, Envirowool® also boasts great sound-proofing qualities.

Insulation became compulsory in New Zealand in 1978, but many of our older homes remain, at best, inadequately insulated, or worse, have no insulation at all. Even homes built since the 1970s, which were insulated, need to have insulation regularly checked to ensure it’s still performing effectively, isn’t damp, and has retained decent loft and density.

Poorly-insulated homes tend to be cold, damp and unhealthy, creating a breeding ground for damp, mould … and illness. Heating accounts for about a quarter of a home’s energy use, and much of that is completely wasted in a poorly-insulated home – so, it’s not hard to see how good insulation pays for itself in health, financial and lifestyle terms.

Resistance value

“R-Value” is the term used to measure insulation’s resistance to heat flow. The higher the “R-Value”, the better your home or building is insulated – and the greater the energy, health and financial benefits.

Our team are experts not only at insulation installation but, as builders, we also know the dynamics and structure of houses and buildings inside out. We’ll help you decide the best R-Value for your home or building, and ensure any work done complies with Building Code requirements. We can also advise on, supply and install insulation for other areas of your home or building, if needed.

During Envirowool’s installation, our machine aerates the wool as it’s blown into the roof space, creating optimum loft.  We can target areas through existing timber as small as 75mm, meaning every nook and cranny’s reached and your roof is fully insulated.

In homes and buildings with existing insulation, we can cleanly and safely remove the old product with our powerful extraction system and insulate from scratch, or “top up” the old insulation with a layer of Envirowool®.

A tradesperson will make a thorough assessment, discuss with you any issues like condensation, provide advice and options, and help you with “a cost-benefit analysis” of what level of Envirowool® Insulation is best suited to your budget and needs